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Editor's Note

Most people argue that Classic Doge is a piece of shit. But not me. I tend to think otherwise, and find it a rather useful website. You might be asking yourself "Now editor, why the hell do you think this site is useful? Looks like a waste of a $20 domain and $20 in hosting costs per year to me."

Now I too used to think like you - an inconsiderate asshat. Until I discovered the true abilities of HTML and CSS. Although you may argue that the content on Classic Doge is garbage for the most part, where else can you find a website with the same level of HTML and CSS content? Nowhere. Classic Doge is truly a gem of a website, and I promise you it will always stay that way. We don't give a damn about what people think, and we don't give a damn about you either. Sincerely,

The Editor